Saturday, January 31, 2009

mer? is on newspaper!

mer? 上报纸了!谢谢New Straits Times!之前为经济萧条所累,处于失业状态一段日子了。但是星期二开始就恢复上班族的身份了。也许会怠慢了我的手作游戏;但,既然是游戏,玩得开心就好!如果还有谁想购买我的手作包包,还是欢迎你给我寄封电邮说明你想要的款式和要求(如果可以的话,请相信我,不需给我太多的限制;在自由的创作空间下,相信我能给你带来更多的惊喜!)除非我必须去寻找新的材料,否则预定时间大概是一星期吧!这段日子里谢谢大家的支持!我会继续努力的!祝我工作愉快吧!

mer? is on newspaper last week! Thanks to New Straits Times! I was in a jobless situation cause by the world economic crisis earlier. But I will be back to work on next tuesday. This may cause my sewing game getting slow in my work producing; but since it's a game for me, I am satisfied while i'm having a lot of fun with it. Of cause I'll still working on the bag order. Thus do feel free to drop me an email of what's your special request (but do believe that i'll have more suprise for you if you let me be free on the bag design!) Unless I need to search for new material regarding your request or the time i need to finish a bag is 1 week. Thanks for all your support, I will still produce more bag design! Wish me a happy working day!


junjun said...

so cool!!! New year wish all also business big big sew happy happy~~!!!

ice said... too gong xi fat chai ar!! XD but my machine spoilt liao i think...sot sot dei zor...-_-lll better get a bigger one...XD

junjun said...

ruru help me add a piece of paper at the paddle. it made it smoother... coz mine is paddle problem.. yours y spoil? get bigger ones also good can invest ma... den u can earn back samo~~~

ice said...

coz my bag getting bigger also getting thicker lor...then finally it sot sot dei zor...T.T i let it work too san fu kua...-_-lll...earn back is hard la...but at least i won't so bek cek when whan sew cannot sew lor...just wish i won't sew my finger too...XD

junjun said...

then you better buy a new one... i also thinking coz like my mummy n the hair stylist say same lo... say like until old also sew so buy 1 good one den last long n better quality wo... now counting ang pow money den maybe will invest ^ . ^

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