Tuesday, November 3, 2009

World Vision Child Sponsorship

mer mer received her info yesterday:

Child's Name: TSHIHUNGULUWA, Tsiredzo Hope
Sex: Female
Birthday: 19/8/2007 (same as my father...haha)
School Level: Not in school Grade 0
Favorite Subject: None
Health: Satisfactory
Handicap: None
Chores: Doesn't help - too young
Live with: Mother only
Status of Father: Abandoned
Job Status - Mother: Unemployed
Job Status - Father: Not available
Brother: 0
Sister: 1

Thusalushaka ADP, SOUTH AFRICA
Project Profile:
Background: The main economic activities are subsistent farming, small-scale agriculture, small or micro enterprise selling vegetables. Poor living standards, i.e. lack of basic needs like water, electricity, roads, health and educational facilities. Lack of capital and high unemployment rate.

Health: To minimize level of malnutrition and STD related diseases.
Education: To motivate all stakeholders involved in education by ensuring quality education and reduce level of illiteracy.
Agriculture: To encourage use of proper and good cultivation method which lead to good production and utilize available resources effectively to soil, water, etc.
Economic development: To address the social injucstices caused by unemployment by assisting to start their own projects or organization that will lead to sustainable devolopment.
Advocacy: To represent the people and present their needs.
Water: To reduce the level of wather borne diseases in the ADP.

Thanks for support!


zzz said...

mermer had 2 little mer~ little mer~ little mer~

mer mer said...

hehehe...good la...big liao can be bride for my 印度仔...XD

Agnes Sim said...


mer mer said...

呵呵...是助养啦~可没能力领养咧~!第一位是个印度仔,很可爱! 去年助养的。现在再来位南美姑娘,可以给他做新娘子啦~ XD

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