Saturday, January 3, 2009

Passport Holder

Item no. S 090103027 -(Sold)- \(^O^)/ Item no. S 090103028 -(Sold)- \(^O^)/
Item no. S 090103029
I don't the habit of note down i have to make some other more before i forgot the measurement of it...:p

Price: RM55
Size : 14.5cm X 10.5cm


soowynnie said...

keep S 090103028 for meeeee~get from u when i'm back 2 weeks laterrrrrr!

ice said...

will show u all 4 then only u decide la...faster back air asia very cheap ar!

soowynnie said...


i already bought air ticket 2 months ago(-.-)|||...u wait meeeee!!!!!!! cheap...come find me play la hahahhaha

ice said...

haha...air ticket cheap je...playing there not cheap leh! but i heard that got a street there sell nice fabric...but i forgot the name...T.T

soowynnie said...

i dunno wat street. find out the name i can bring u there!

by the an order for u.
i need a custom made casing for my baby e1. MSN meeeeeee!!!

evilhoney said...

can we put coins in it??will it drop?

ice said...

I don't recommend to do so. It is better to keep for passport and tickets. (Things which in paper base) :)