Monday, January 12, 2009

Cellphone Holder

喜欢把 mer? 缝在不同的位置,它不只是个牌子名字;也是整体设计的一部分啊~!今天的 mer? 静静的躺在后面...真可爱!
I don't like to fix the place i sew 'mer?'. It's not only my brand name but a part of the design too. For this time, it lays quietly at the cute!

-(Sold)- \(^O^)/
Item no. S 090112032
Price: RM 25
Size: 12cm X 7cm


najwa.amir said...

hello.i'm very interested with ur handmade especially cellphone.
i can't wait for next cellphone :)

ice said...

Thanks for your support! You can drop me an email for pre-order because most of the item I'm doing here is pre-order base. I'll only make things when I'm free and it will be more on bag because I just like to make bag the most!

You just need to let me know what model you phone is. :)