Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not to be cute?

My phone's camera just can't get the color right. The color of the image at the right side is more accurate compare with the image at the left. She says she dislikes something which looks girly and cute. And she wants denim as the main again some other pattern of cloth as a deco. Thus I'm trying to do some pattern on the bag so that it won't be too plain and boring with one material and one color. Enjoy~!

ps: involve a lot of hand sew...don't think I like to do something with zip anymore...-_-lll

-(Sold)- \(^O^)/
Item no. S 090406047
Price: RM115

Size: 31cm X 36cm


zhi ling~ said...

u have lots of amazing stuffs here!
im a constant visitor to ur blog~
got inspired very frequently~
nice job!

btw, may i ask u a couple of ques?
where to get nicer clothes and u used lots of jeans rite? where to get cheaper jeans?

thanks lots!
and gambatehh~

ice said...

Hi zhi ling, thanks for visiting my blog. You are from Penang right? My friend did told me Penang itself have a lot of nice clothes. For me, I'll get my clothes from fabric shops at KL Petaling street. Not to say it is cheap but it's nice. :) Sometime Kamdar and Nagoya are good places to get cheaper clothes.

I'll gambatehh de la...Thank you :)