Monday, May 4, 2009

Back to the nature

Item no.
S 090504055
Price: RM125
Size: 38cm X 30cm


PeyShan said...

the bag so pretty! :-)

ice said...

Hehe...Thank you~! How's your bag? everything fine?

PeyShan said...

everything is fine! I like your new pastport holder material too lei! I'm thinking of if my bag is that material will be just perfect!!!! hehe ;P ga yao!!

ice said...

hahahhaa...u bin sum zor~

zhi ling~ said...

ur bag is ADORABLE!, it has the perfect combination of fabrics weihh!!

just wonder from where u get so many awesome fabrics?...haha..mind to share?

btw, good job!!~~

ice said...'s ok...normally I shop nagoya...kamdar sometimes...ikea's nice but sometime the pattern is too big...KL Petaling street is my favourite! And sometime will shop at other place while trip. Taiwan is the coming mission! wahhahahahahaaaa!!!!

shuds said...

its all adorable babe :)
very neat neat job.
and tis bag juz yeah
so nature with jungle print on it plus,dat lil birdie make it looks perfect!i wish i can own it :D

Faezah said...


ice said...

Thanks! I'm just so excited after I bought my new batch of printed clothes! Will come out with more design. Enjoy~!