Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flat Cellphone Holder

This is cellphone holder for flat phone series. While I'm busy taking pictures of it...See what naughty mer mer had done!!! >o<"!!!
It act like the cellphone holder is its sleeping bag!!! This naughty mer mer really like to get attention from other people...Anyway, this picture shows the mose accurate color of the cellphone holder. Enjoy your tuesday morning~! :)

-(My brother took it...-_-lll)-
Item no. S 090727088
Price: RM25
Size: 12cm X 7cm

*Perfect fit for slim phone like Nokia 6500 Classic


Faezah said...

ha ha ha that is so funny!

Agnes Sim said...

ur design always nice....

ice said...

Faezah: mer mer getting too naughty already...-_-lll

Agnes: and you always support here ma!! 好感动!!