Monday, July 13, 2009

Notebook Case is available now~!

My laptop has a new home now! XD Available for customized order only!

Item no. S 090712080
Price: RM65
Size: Perfect fit for HP Pavilion Entertainment PC - dv6500 (26cm X 37cn X 3cm)


Faezah Ismail said...

that is so cool! i amy need one when i get my mini HP which should be soon!!!

ice said... computer har..XD Just tell me the size of it will do! :)

Agnes Sim said... beautiful le...ur laptop sure feel happy got u be it's owner. hehe

ice said... won't feel happy...because I don't make a good use of it...only keep it in the holder and put at the corner...XD so pity...

najwa.amir said...
i'm very interested.

ice said...

Hi girl, thanks for drop by here! If you are interested, you can email me about the details. My email is

Just tell me the size of your notebook and what cloth do you like will do. Thank you~~! XD

Dkopsunintended@A.I.N said...

this is sooooo cool~
I really2 want that!! XD
I'll send ya the details soon ok?
n btw,
u r soo creative...

mer mer said...

Sure! Just email me the details will do~! Thanks for visit my blog girl! :)

oliviayuyu said...

still available or do you receive order? my laptop is 14"
email me