Thursday, July 16, 2009

My naughty mer mer~! naughty mer mer~! Muakzzz~!

D.O.B: S 09071582
Sex: -Unidentified-
Hobby: Roll on grass, drive, steal chocolate...
Price: -Not for sell- (Customized order is available now!)

ps: So hard for me to make mer mer's small ear and thin leg...-_-lll Because mer mer very naughty...keep moving!


caca said...

hi .. nice to meet u naughty mer mer .. u r so cute ^^ I am a chocoholic too .. kekeke .. u come to fetch me la .. we can go eat lim lim together .. yea ~~~ ^^

ice said...

mer mer mer mer mer? mer mer mer~! (y is lim lim de? I wanna eat chocolate la~!)

Faezah said...

so cute!!!