Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simple 2 in 1~! (Again!!)

I'm super regret that I only bought half meter for both this cloth...I can't find it anymore when the second time I went back there...T.T The picture at the top right side shows the most accurate color of the bag. Actually, it is grey color. It can flip from inside to outside to become a beige color simple tote bag just like the previous bag I posted. :)

-(Not for sale)-

Item no. S 090627078
Size: 39cm X 35cm


Faezah Ismail said...

what a pity!!!

ice said...

ya~~~~~~~~!!!! TOT!!! It's a very nice cloth~~~!!!

Chekgu_kumanG said...

bet u love fashion buddy~ and i will follow ur blog. sound great! keep in on...:p

ice said...

I can only draw...not really can be fashionable in real life...hahahhaa...Thanks for your support~~!!!! muakzzz~!