Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lolita in the sweet sweet love~!

Ops! Finally I have done something sweet~! Love this pink, so sweet~!

Item no. S 090804094
Price: RM33
Size: 12.5cm X 8cm

*Perfect fit for big flat phone like iphone.
**Break record! Reserved after 10 mins I post it...OwO!!


caca said...

-sold- by caca

ice said...

wahahhhahahahahaa!!! you've decide yourself and never ask me also har? XD

PeyShan said...

so pink! :D

ice said...

ya wor...XD

najwa.amir said...

hye ice! read my e-mail.i hope you can make it for my laptop case. weeeeeeeeee!
very love it :))

ice said...

Hahahaa..calm down~! I'll make it for you~! Thanks for support~!

caca said...

kekeke .. must be fast .. mer blog very popular now .. tmrw will bank in $$$ to you .. hehehehe .. yea~