Tuesday, August 18, 2009

She loves her grey dress

Mer mer is going to Taiwan tomorrow~! I will bring back a lot of nice fabrics of cause! So please pray for me...No trend no rain!

As for the dress below, it is my item number 100!!!! I start this sewing blog since Sept of 2008. And now I have already sewed 100 items!! Gosh! Can't believe it! I like my way of doing things and it is so 'me' because it is the real me. I sew the bag i like and I draw the posture I post. She don't need to be super model in looking, but I think you will remember her. Anyway, I'll still continue to sew and to draw--if I didn't found any other hobby which is more interesting than this.

Ok, back to the dress. I bought this dress online few months ago. The cutting of it is totally out of my shape. It is so big! So I cut the cloth from the dress and sew it into my size. Now, I'm wearing it when I type all this words--with the butterfly on it. :)

Item no.
S 090815100


cindi~^^ said...

go taiwan ar....take care oo..
hope can c more of your handmade^^

ice said...

Thanks cindi~! I'll add oil~! and you too!

Faezah Ismail said...

have a great time in taiwan. congrats on a successful pastime!

ice said...

Thanks Faezah! Hope the strong wind won't blow me too far away from Taiwan...I don't wanna landed on sea...XD

Agnes Sim said...

wow...so syok!! i want sovenir oh..hehe :p
take care!!

cindi~^^ said...

mer...u got FB?wan add u^^~

ice said...

Hahahahhaaha~Agnes! I back liao only see your message here...kekeke...so~~ By the way, I got the annexe thing. You still wanna play with me?

ice said...

Cindi~! Of cause I have! leesun.ice@gmail.com...you add me ar~! Thank you~!!