Friday, September 18, 2009

Pinky Sweet Polka

I've left 3 passport holders for Art for Grabs now...-_-lll

Item no. S 090914110
Price: RM55
Size: 14.5cm X 12cm


Agnes Sim said...

wow..the color is so sweet. i wish i can get 1. hehe :p

ice said...

hahaha...come get when art for grabs la..XD (I really scare i got not enough art work now...TwT)

Marika Mush said...

can i reserve 1?
I love it so much >~<

ice said...

Ops! Sorry Marika Mush, it is reserved by another girl...I'm wondering why everybody love pink are the number N who wish to reserve it...-_-lll I like lemon and lime more...but..sold...TwT