Wednesday, September 30, 2009

mer?'s photography game!

Today we have same Model but different Photographer! This is first try of SuYen as Photographer for mer?~! She did a good job right?! XD Triangel is going to New York soon! Let's wish all the best to it! (I haven't been to New York leh...-_-lll) Thanks for support!

Triangel -(Sold)- \(^w^)/
Item no. S 090901107

Model: Qiqi (as usual la~)
Photographer: SuYen
Photo Re-toucher: mer mer
Client: mer?
Location: mooie, Bangsar
Clothing: mooie

Special thanks to mooie for allow us playing around in her store! The fantastic clothing above are all from mooie! Anyway, the scarf is mine now~! Wahahahahhahaakekeke!


bica-bica said...

YOO ... Mer soon will become an international brand like LV ... YEA YEA!!! XD

Faezah Ismail said...


mer mer said...

Hahahaa...where got so easy la...thank you thank you~! XD

Agnes Sim said...

wow...ur bag sold to overseas oh. Good!! Good model and photographer. I like those pic so much!! ;-)

mer mer said...

Thank you~~! You have met the model that day...just that she is selling sushi instead of being model that day...wahahhahahaha XD