Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am so excited to introduce my latest handmade bag creation here! it's a lady looking shoulder bag~! When you unplug the button at the black little straps, it become bigger for you to put more stuff inside.
And when you flip it from inside to outside, it become another different style of casual bag! Cute right? XD This bag can transform into 3 styles!
Here are some details of the bag. Look at the pattern of this cloth, it has classic color combination with feminine flower and lace illustration on it. The little leather flower keychain allows you to hang some small and light stuff on it. There are small piece of leather on the handle too.
-(Sold)- \(^w^)/
*Triangel is going to New York!! Gosh! so far away from me...TwT

Item no. S 090901107
Price: RM205

*The only bag available in this pattern deal to the very limited fabric of it.


PeyShan said...

Great design! lov it!

Add oil ya! :)

Faezah Ismail said...

that is so incredible!!. the main colour looks grey. is it?

ice said...

It's teal color actually. :) very classic looing! XD

Thank you~!! remember come an support for Annexe Art for Grabs at 26~27 Sept 2009 ya~!

PeyShan said...

sure! ;P

Anonymous said...

so pretty ;_; I have one bag that have those button with black strap too but your design is awesome-r ;_; hee~ wish I can grow money on tree xP

ice said...

Ops! Thanks bluecakes~! I'm glad to hear this! :)

Actually I'm getting too excited while doing this, wanted to make it very nice. That's why I forgot to control the production costs. -_-lll Anyway, good materials I'm using, so no worries for that~! :)

A good reasonn too if nobody want it, I can keep it for myself~~ XD So my mum won't yells at me that I'm heaving too much bag. XD

Anonymous said...

hehe~ I got that figured out since the price was higher that intended xP anyway, did you plan to bring stuff that is not reserved yet to annex?

ice said...

hahahahahaha~! Yes!! Too excited and totally forgot how much material I've put it. XD

Ya~! I'll bring stuff which is still available and I'll make some new stuff too~! So excited~! Will you be there? Come la~! come and make my store crowded! XD

Anonymous said...

Is this bag still up for sale? My email is Please contact me.

ice said...

Hi Diana, it is still available. Do you want to reserve it?

Soo Mei said...

your art sense and workmanship is really great. I can see you put lots of effort on detailing part.

mer mer said...

Thanks for your comment, Soo Mei! I'm glad you like my handmade creations! XD