Monday, October 5, 2009


To make the process easier for collectors around the world, mer? is now on Etsy! mer mer will still update here but all sales will be done in Etsy. mer?'s shop name will be meeer deal to no "?" allow in the username. TwT....Anyway, if you love mer?'s fabrics, they are all available at Etsy meeer too! Grab it fast if you like it, all fabrics are very limited because it is too heavy for mer mer to carry them back from overseas~! mer? will have a lot of changes and announcement in this 2 months. Sorry for all this and stay with mer mer here for more updates, more handmade creations and more pretty fabrics! Thanks for support~!

-(Not Available)-
Item no. S 091004135
Price: 19 USD

Size: Perfect fit for HP Pavilion dv 3 or any laptop which is smaller than this dimension:6 cell 12.9in(L)x8.7in(W)x1.25 in(min H)/1.38in(max H)

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Agnes Sim said...


mer mer said...

Thanks Agnes~! I'm so headache with all this thing...That's why I have Etsy account earlier but I don't really upload it...-_-lll

I realize that day I forgot to pass you your birthday present!!! TwT...Somemore I only recall after so long...I'm like old lady....TwT...I mail it to you la~can you send me your email? Thank you~!!

Creative B Bee said...

Wow!!! Conngrat to hv Etsy shop!!!

mer mer said...

Thanks Creative B Bee~~you very good la~~always here to support!! TwT

Stephanie meiyu said...

congrats~! i always wanted to set up a etsy, but i just don't have that much time :( great things u have here, i wish i can sew like you, your bags are beautiful and too bad most of it were sold out! do you think i can customized something from you? it's for a friend's birthday present.

mer mer said...

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you~! You should set up a Etsy shop~! It's fun! (but sometime I do feel I have to update a lot of Etsy pula...soon will need to update for POCO Homemade...TwT)

Yes! Of cause you can make a customized order. But do place your order earlier because the waiting list is getting longer...Please be patient and do remind me always while waiting ya~~ XD

Just email me about the order, I'll guide you how to make a successful pretty order~! Thanks ya!