Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to make a customized order at mer?

You have a lot to read in this post. Play the music at my sidebar and sit in a comfortable position. Here we go!

To make a customized order, you need to email me the details below:

1. The item you want to do a custom made.
2. Style you want it to be.
3. Your favorites among my handmade creations.
4. What pattern and color you like.
5. Measurement of the item.

After that, be patient and wait~! :)

Ok, testing 1 2 3! For example, you want to make a customized order for handmade bag:
1. Shoulder bag.
2. I want it to be lady yet not too cute.
3. I like S 090901107 (Triangel), S 090621077 (Lady in checked) and S 090614075 (The Ethereal Lady)
4. I like polka dots and pink. No childish pattern and black please!
5. I want a medium size bag. May be around this size: 30cm X 40cm X 8cm

Still not so sure about it? Ok, let's try another time. This time we try to order a passport holder.
1. Passport Holder
2. Not too lady and make it in dark color.
3. I like S 090921127 and S 090914112.
4. Anything in dark color except red and yellow. Any pattern will do.
5. Standard size

Too many questions to answer? Here's the easiest, fastest and most effective way:
Leave everything to me! Normally, people who do this always get surprise by my creativity~! XD.


JLeo said...

ha.. I like your last sentense. You should have deleted all the sentences above and only leave the last sentence in this page. Ok, I have a job for you, check out shout box, surprise me!

ANthony said...

Hi there, i would like to make a customized order at mer !! can you give me your e mail address so that i can mail you the details? thanks =)

Vivian said...

Hi, I really love your cute and chic handmade designs!!^^ May I know your email so that I can let you know the details? I would love to request for a customized order. Thanks.^^