Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Project POCO

New batch of fabrics for Project POCO.
Seriously concentrate on this.
Do not disturb while mer mer working seriously.
She bites.

More updates for what mer mer is doing recently.
Soon. :)


Chierr said...

haha..don't bite me ah...just wanna say hi to you! 加油,期待你的新作!

mer mer said...

Hahahaa..when mer mer run to u to bite you, you throw chocolate then mer mer will bite chocolate but not you...XD


Agnes Sim said...

project POCO?很期待耶!:p

mer mer said...


Creative B Bee said...

Really can't wait to see yr new creations!!!!

mer mer said...

thanks creative bb~~ XD I'll sure take many many photos let you see!! Or you can visit my cafe and have a look at them...XD kekekeke