Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Small Pouch

Test item for my new fabric...Hehe...Christmas is around the corner la~~! (Thinking about holiday already^^) Waiting for my BANGKOK FABRIC TRIP!!! Yes, I've name it as fabric trip! So excited~! I think I gonna start doing research for places to hunt pretty fabrics. Do let me know if you have any info about where to go ya~! Thank you~!

Item no. S 091020146
Price: 8.50USD
Measurement: Fit for itouch + earphone, ipod + earphone, mp3 player, cellphone...etc.
Color: Red + Green + Blue

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Suyen said...

jingle bell...jingle bell...jingle all the's so lovely! The xmas socks feel so warm and yet the design is so significantly own by mer?...keep it up!

mer mer said...

Thank you Suyen~! It's like a baby socks warm...XD

Cyn said...

love this one. adorable..

mer mer said...

Thank you~! XD

Creative B Bee said...

Haha!! It is soooo cute!!

Chierr said...

so so so cute!!

mer mer said...

hehe..thank you thank you~! got X'mas feel ar~ XD (actually is just thinking about holiday...XD)

蓝天 said...


mer mer said...