Monday, November 9, 2009

We are OPEN NOW!!

We are OPEN NOW!!
Check out more info of poco at
mer? will setup a corner there when everything is steady...So excited!! looking forward to it~!
For family and friends who visit, thank you.
For those who make this come true, thank you.

This is the best portfolio I ever had...TwTv 啊妈!我得左啦!


Chierr said...

hahaha....CONGARTULATIONS!! I'll go with my friend to support u on this coming weekend if nothing goes wrong...wait for me ahh!!!

nann nann said...

终于开张了么,恭喜你啊~ 我们会去捧场啦!非常喜欢你的小桌子~

Creative B Bee said...


mer mer said...

Chierr: Thank you la~~don't forget to leave some comment also...cause we are still doing adjustment to give the best environment and food. :)

nann: 对!好兴奋啦~看着我们的努力一步一步的令它完整。小桌子是定制的,很可爱!

Creative BB: Thank you~! come and sit sit when you are free ya~~