Monday, November 2, 2009

POCO Homemade

It's time for me to explain a bit about POCO since I have been talking about it quite some time. POCO is actually a Cafe. It's full name is Poco Homemade. It form by crazy zzz, crazy mer mer and crazy Qiqi with love and help from family and friends.

POCO will start business by 8 Nov 2008 (this coming Sunday). I will announce POCO's address soon. Of cause, my handmade creation will available at POCO. To say it in another way. You can now purchase mer? at a SHOP if you are not so sure about online shopping. (and don't forget to try POCO's Super Delicious Japanese Curry Rice too!) All handmade creation I done for POCO will put under POCO Homemade label in this blog.

I am proud of myself for start running POCO. Happy belated 1 year Anniversary for mer? which happened on 22nd Sept. I am planning for mer? Anniversary Celebration at POCO. Stay tune. (all the while I've forgotten mer? Anniversary...while I am busy for POCO...sorry la...TwT)

Anyway, POCO is still under construction althought it will start business soon. We will add on our creatively one by one slowly while we are working really hard to run it. It is not easy, but fun. Please support POCO as you support mer?. Thank you. :)

Sorry if you are confuse with all those naming. May be this can help you:

mer? (this blog)
my (mer mer) handmade creation blog.

mer mer personal blog.

weird artist who draw weird things.

(her blog is coming soon)
Drum Performer + model for mer?

POCO Homemade
art related cafe.

Back to Project POCO. I have made a curtain for POCO this week. Here are some snap shot of it. More photos coming soon~!

-(Project POCO)-
Item no. S 091101149

Quick note:
mer? on New Straits Times again! Thanks Jehan!


Agnes Sim said...

wow..cant wait to know the location. And congratulations!! I like your handmade curtain.

mer mer said...

Thanks Agnes~~!! I am thinking should I change my room's curtain...wahhahahahaha XD

Chierr said...

So happy for you!!! Yeah Yeah!!!!!

蓝天 said...


Soo Mei said...

Congrates Mer Mer! Will sure find some time to visit your upcoming cafe~

Agnes Sim said...

change change change...and i want also. wakaka

mer mer said...

Chierr: Thanks for support~! Waiting for Singapore trip with you~! (save money...XD)


Soo Mer: Thanks for support!!! Come la come la~~ XD when more customers, may be poco can have exhibition or event for young designer and artist! XD

Agnes: wahahhaaa~~then mer mer will become poco home made...then become poco home DECO....wahahhahaha XD

蓝天 said...


mer mer said...


minifanfan said...


mer mer said...

呵呵...谢谢你!等一切稳定了,我再贴地图上来~现在让我们彩排练习一下啦~~ XD

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