Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Handmade Bag - Triangel in Lace

Don't be too excited first! This is a customized order from a regular customer. The one for contest is still in progress!^w^

This is my second creation for Triangel series. I have make a cover for it's white handle so that it won't get dirty easily. There is 3 ways you can wear this bag.
Rectangular shoulder tote

Triangle shoulder tote - when you don't have much thing to carry.

A casual tote when you flip it over from inside to outside.

Leather handle of it you can see after you unbutton the cover of the handle.

Item no. S 091229170
Price: USD60 / RM205

*Click here to purchase this item at my Etsy shop. Thank you~!


Lijun aka June said...

yes! I'm the first! HA-HA! nice nice nice! sure buy one when i'm rich x)

Faezah said...

this bag is so cool. I love it and I want it. Thanks a bunch!!!

hoyoyi said...

very gorgeous piece i must say ^ ^

mer mer said...

Lijun: hahaha...then i must wish you can buy one very soon!

Faezah: Reserved for you!

hoyoyi: Thank you la~~

yeelu said...

wao... it can be used both side. Wish to buy something from you when my bonus out... hehe !!

mer mer said... good bonus...TwT i never got bonus since I work...TwT

susien said...

meeerr....i like this one! perfect for me go to bring to work. i will get ur number from my sis, hopefully will get my piece before leave :)

mer mer said... email me will be better than you call me. Coz my phone sot sot dei one...battery die. so it always off suka-suka...TwT

you will still continue your handmade stuff after you work hor? Just wish to let you know you are really good in doing this!!!

susien said...

ohh..ok..i will email you or will let u know when i go poco homemade again.
hopefully i will have time to continue doing things i love. i must learn from you, u r so talented and passionate of what u r doing

mer mer said...

haha..what a waste if you don't continue! you both really awesome!

yu~~~say like this meh~~~~i very song zor!!! ^^

meiweihuang said...

mer mer i like this so so so much....ur skill really "geng"

mer mer said...

mer mer thanks mei mei ^^

actually this is not hard one...just simple sewing skill can do. :)

Agnes Sim said...

OMG...u really genius le...very nice le. Geng!! :p

Gene said...

This is gorgeous! Is this quilted?

mer mer said...

I found this type of fabric which is ready made with cotton inside! ^^ Prettye huh?! :)

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