Monday, December 28, 2009

Year End Giveaway!


Since mer mer is still in the mood of Christmas gift giveaway, let's do a Year End Giveaway for this Last Few Days of 2009~! Why? Because mer mer need some space for my new fabrics~!

OK, let's see what I have in stock here: Laptop sleeve
Measurement: Perfect fit for HP Pavilion dv 3 or any laptop which is smaller than this dimension:6 cell 12.9in(L)x8.7in(W)x1.25 in(min H)/1.38in(max H)

Camera Pouch
Measurement: 9cm X 13cm X 2cm

Make-up / Stationary Pouch
Measurement: 14cm X 30cm

Passport Holder
Measurement: Standard Passport size

Cellphone Holder
Measurement: 13cm X 8cm

Small Handbag
Measurement: 19cm x 21cm

What you need to do is:
1. Follow mer mer's blog~!
2. Share about this Year End Giveaway at your blog (write a blog post) or Facebook (choose a prize above and tag mer mer's name [] and talk about this Giveaway)~!
3. Join mer mer Facebook Fans page (Optional) so that it is easier for me to message all of you about my latest updates or important announcement or GIVEAWAY~!
4. Email your link to mer mer at with the title of "Year End Giveaway" (This is a must! So that I can choose among those who interested to get these prizes ooh~!)

Closing date: 11.59pm of 31 December 2009
Open for: All people on Earth!

Easy right?!

I will choose 6 people from my followers. The first people I choose get the chance to choose 1 prize among all above and follow by the 2, 3, 4, 5 and the 6 one will take whatever people left~! (OK la...don't cry, better than nothing what ^^)

So move fast!! This handmade necklace will giveaway to the very first Contest Email Sender (who did all thing I mention above RIGHT) ~! heheh...mer mer first try on doing necklace leh~!
A little early promote here...Next coming game is...mer mer Handmade Bag Giveaway Contest!!! So, join mer mer now at Facebook for fastest and hottest Giveaway News!! (like selling cakes la...XD)


Agnes Sim said...

yeah~~ come to join tis giveaway!!
Wish I'm the lucky person. :p

mer mer said... me and blog about this ooh~! Thanks for joining~!

meiweihuang said...

i want i want >_< so nice mer mer, stil in give mood....hehe

mer mer said...

meimei dear~remember to send in email ooh~! I don't count for comment here~!

Soo Mei said...

wah!!!so nice...I wanna join too...wait for me......

mer mer said...

hahhaa...come come~~email me ooh~!!

Suyen said... and email dy... need to wait for 5 more days only know result...i can't excited....hehehe

mer mer said...

now i started to worry about my email is full of facebook notice and email....-_-lll

meiweihuang said...

hahahaha, full with email....原来要送礼物还挣得要有那份耐心>_<

mer mer said...


Maus said...

its your own creations? nice one

EngEngClay said...

Hehe. i join this lor.. good luck!!

Lijun aka June said...

kekeke :D selling cake? I want chocolate cake! waiting for your handbag giveaway<3

ILikePaperCutting said...

you are talented in bags making.

mer mer said...

Maus: Yes, it is all my own creations and the design will not be repeated ooh~! Thanks for visit!

EngEngClay: Welcome welcome~~

Lijun: aim for big one har?? XD

ILikePaperCutting: Thank you! As how you do in paper cutting too! ^^

Sweetlilcraft said... nice of you:)
You have a great handmade. I will email you :)

MisS dIMPLe said...

mer mer, if i tagged photo for u in FB, do i hv to e-mail the link to u again?

rhaindropz said...

oh my so many prizes and goodies and im joining!!!

Perfect Blue Moon said...

Subscribed and Emailed, what a great giveaway! Do love that necklace!

izu ting ting said...

*crossing my fingers*


mer mer said...

Sweetlilcraft: Thank you~!! Don't forget to follow mer mer's blog and email me your link of post or facebook tag and talk about this contest ooh~!

MisS dIMPLe: Yes dear, you will have to follow my blog too~! Wait for your email ooh!

rhaindropz: Thanks for joining! Don't forget to email me your link of blog post / facebook tag about this contest ooh!!

Perfect Blue Moon: Really?! I'm glad to know that! It's my first try on doing necklace!

izu ting ting: hahaha..good luck!!

Patty's Cottage said...

aiya..i think i no chances d...never mind la..i join next time...the day i try to look for poco..but gone lost..pengsan..maybe another time i wil go again..:)

mer mer said...

Patty's Cottage, everybody got chance la..i'll do it by lucky draw...XD

huh?! seem like poco so hard to find...I guess I should have another contest is "finding poco"...ahhahahaa...^^

Thanks for trying to visit poco! mer mer appreciate your supportation la~~~ ^*^

Abby said...

Have to do all the steps or can just follow blog and comment once for 1 entry??

mer mer said...

Hi Abby, you don't need to comment here, just follow the instruction which is post to your blog about this Giveaway or add a picture of this item and tag me in facebook yet talk about this giveaway contest. ^^

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