Thursday, January 21, 2010

Be Careful at Faderal Highway

Hi people,

Be careful when you drive along Faderal Highway to PJ direction. My car kena a big nail (actually is a screw -_-lll) about 50m before I reach Mobil petrol station. I guess this is what people say in cantonese as 装弹弓 (trap).


OK, gonna back to work. Just a small promo here: my daily job is game concept artist. game will release soon at Facebook~! ^^ (So you all will be very busy to support my art, handmade, cafe and now game~!Thanks a lot la~~muakzzz~*)


Gallivanter said...

I think it can happen anywhere. I've been using Federal Highway for over 10 years now. :-P

Lorelle said...

Aw that's such bad luck. 2: Once, my mom had a nail stuck in her tire, but I think she just left it there. o__o I hope your car's okay now. :)

mer mer said...

Gallivanter: curse those people who did this!! >w<

Lorelle: can leave it there meh?! -_-lll changed to spare tyre already. But stupid Kelisa's spare tyre got different measurement one, still gonna pay some money to change a new one. TwT

Gene said...

Wow, that's a big screw, literally. I hope you didn't have a hard time fixing that.

I am addicted to facebook games, what kind of game would that be?

mer mer said...

Hi Gene, it is still P&C now. But I'll announce here when it is out. ^^ So excited~!

haha...normally when come to this situation, we just leave it to the man will do. ^^

meiweihuang said...

mermer, aiyoyo, now u going to grab pll time to play ur game>_<
drive alone especially girl must be very carefully .

Agnes Sim said...

wow...bravo!! Game creator!! :p

pumafromusa said...

correct word shld be "Federal"