Friday, January 15, 2010

Gift for the one who give most comments in my blog!


Thanks for all your comments! You are the person who give most comments in my blog~! A free Handmade Keychain with your name printed on it will be yours! ^^

(seem like you are very lucky recently hor...^^)


Thanks for all people who support mer mer here! Muakzzz~*
I'll always try to think some excuse / reason do more giveaway! ^^


蓝天 said...


Patty's Cottage said... chance yet..ok..i wil start rajin to make comment here:)
TGIF everyone ya.

meiweihuang said...

aiyo, agnes next time can not play liao, let the chance for others XD

Agnes Sim said... only know tat i'm the lucky person. hahaaaaaaa
can u put my name as Agnes Sim or my chinse name?? hehe
paiseh le...

mer mer said...

蓝天: 呵呵,我會盡量找多點藉口來辦幸運籌將啦~!

Patty's Cottage:Hahahaa!! then you have to win Agnes...She really rajin! ^^

meiweihuang: Hahahaa...poor Agnes!

Agnes: I'll put your name as Agnes Sim. Only english name I can print la~! It is washable ooh! ^^