Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Laptop Sleeve

This is my last creation of the year of 2009. It is kinda like old school party style. Remind me of Saturday Night Fever. ^^

Look back at what I have done in the pass year, I still feel amazing I have mer? and Poco now. I guess I am doing quite well. Huh?! ^^ Thanks for all your support here. Yes, is you, who reading this. You guys are part of the motivation and inspiration for me to keep create. It is warm to have so much of support from you all. Thanks for all the comments and ideas too! Happy Year of 2009, great year for 2010!

Item no. S 091231171
It is so rush and I don't even have enought time to have a good look at it...I guess it is on it's way to Australia now...bye bye~~\(Tw T )