Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Name Card Holder

A name card holder for myself...hehe ^^ I love the old looking texture and color of washed cotton!! It goes well with bronze-coloured magnet button~! Look classic huh?! ^^
Leave an unsew corner so that easier for me to pull out my cards.

Looks cute with Poco namecard~~ ^^
Item no. S 100113177


PeyShan said...

Another great design, nice! Love it! ^_^

MisS dIMPLe said...

great job mer mer..
love ur design always.

Lijun aka June said...

good job!
我更加期待mer或poco的日历或planner xD

mer mer said...

PeyShan: Thank you! ^^

MisS dIMPLe: Thanks for support always too! ^^

Lijun: 哈哈,你還忘不了那日曆哦?如果有時間,我會再劃的。那年的起伏較大,猜疑較多;像在瀑布划船。索興今年已較穩定,像身在湖泊搖籃中的小船;被溫柔地呵護著。只是湖裏偶爾有水怪。^^