Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Her Perfume

To continue my bag art here. I shop too much for fabric but not cloth. I am out of cloth to draw now. It's time for me to go shopping, I guess! Good excuse huh?! XD


I am wondering, what do you like to see the most in my blog? My handmade creation or art work? I guess these are the things that form mer? .


Introduce a song from the First Lady of French. I love her voice so much. ^^


MisS dIMPLe said...

love to read every single post from mer?.

Patty's Cottage said...

wil prefer to see more new bag design..if come with design pretty good ideas also:)
nice art:)

HuaidanSeen said...

i like both >.<

mer mer said...

MisS dIMPLe: Thank you! Somehow I am wondering do my reader think that it is not focus enough either on handmade or art.

mer mer said...

Patty's Cottage: I wish I can make more bag too. :)

HuaidanSeen: Thank you! ^^

Anonymous said...

both :)

Lijun aka June said...

a new design will make me get much fun! :D
sometimes your simple random post is simple and easy to read enough,that's why peoples like to read your blog :)

mer mer said...

Thanks Lijun! I wish to share something inspiring and useful la...XD