Monday, March 1, 2010

Gloom comes Brightness - Part 2

First look

Inner part with a compartment pouch

The compartment pouch

When you button it up

like this

Flip over from inside to outside

Item no. S 100225184
Price: RM205 / USD60


cindi~^^ said...


ruru said...

Mer mer, this is brilliant! When the owner thinks that there's a chance that the bag'll get dirtied, all she has to do is to reverse it to the dark side. Another use is that it matches her dress! very talented la mer mer.

sUjEaN said...

Thanks for the bag! :D:D I love it a lot! Hehehe!

Eunice Aw said...

Ice~ remember me? xD Kacy's cousin.. =D omg i like dis alot la.. can i premade a pink wan? love it so much..

Lijun aka June said...

side is nice enough! OH GOSH!