Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mermer Birthday Giveaway!

Hello! Here we come March Giveaway! Since March is mer mer's birthday month, let's have a bigger prize! See the bag below~? Yes! It is the prize for Mermer Birthday Giveaway!

Here is what you should do to win this bag (Step 1, 2, 3):

1. Follow my blog! (As usual la~)

2. Post about this giveaway contest at your Facebook with either one of these pictures and tag me ( It has to be a picture and tag of me on it but not just a link.

3. Comment on this post and wish me a happy birthday! Don't forget to leave your Facebook link in your comment too!

4. See the picture of passport holder below? Hehe, one easy step to get this. Visit my little Poco and leave me a birthday greeting on a booklet there start from tomorrow. You can write, draw, paint...etc. (leave me your email ar...or not I can't contact you la...)

As conclusion, if you have done step 1, 2 and 3 above, you will have a chance to win the bag. If you have done step 1, 2, 3 and 4 , you will have chance to win away this passport holder along with the bag!

Prize will be given in a random lucky draw way to contester who did all step RIGHT! ^^

Closing date: 22 march 2010 (Monday) 11.59pm...It's my birthday! ^^


bica-bica said...

mer mer .. Happy Happy Happy Birthday !!! ^^ I want the bag .. kekekeke

hoyoyi said...

MER MER, though your birthday still lama lagi, but i do wish you happy birthday as per your request....hahahaha...~ on 22 baru wish you kao kao k?

Agnes Sim said...

yeah!! i want to try my luck again! :p long time din visit ur blog. :p

Happy birthday to my lovely n pretty friend. Muakzzzzzzzzzz! ;-)

sweetiegem <3 said...

hello mer!!!i have tag u!!keke!!

here is the link!


Eunice Aw said...

Ice~ Happy Birthday oh.. ^~^
will visit POCO again to try out ur new new miso soba with egg!! btw ur Udon i ordered dat day.. really really nice.. xD i even finish da soup!! =D Hv a great Birthday celebration yea.. <3

:*:~BlurIŋDŷ~:*: said...

Mermer~ happy birthday in advance ya ^_^

my facebook link..

thanks again and happy birthday ^_^

best regard,

Patty's Cottage said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MER MER!!!wishing u dream come true and all the wana the bag tooo...:)importantly wishing your poco growth rapidly:)

done all 3 d:) wish me luck too..

remsal said...

May you be blessed with inspiration each day of your life, to bless others with your creativity! Hope you stay healthy & pretty!!

yiwawa said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Mer mer....
Wish you enjoy ur birthday and all the best for u~~~

My FB Link:

My Email:

Kathlyn said...

Happy Birthday to MerMer! Wishing you have a wonderful time on your coming birthday. May you blessed with lots of creativity and good business and many more to come!!/photo.php?pid=3495447&id=705787903 said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Happy Birthday Mer Mer!!! Wish you continued success!/photo.php?pid=3635656&id=559435977

TBM Designs said...

Happy Birthday Mer Mer! Hope you'll have a blast on the uh.. 22nd? :) Happy Birthday!

P.S: have I mentioned? I love your bags! Hahaha!

TBM Designs said...

I'm sorry, but how do you tag someone? This question must seem really dumb, but I need some help!

Thank you so much!

eileen Phoan said...

Happy birthday in advance mer.

Wish you will have all the nicest thing on earth, great health, youth, inspirations, love and the ability to create.

Soo Mei said...

Mer Mer, 祝你生日快乐,越来越漂亮,生意兴隆,还有......做更多更多漂亮的包包~!/photo.php?pid=3895788&id=726508236

Brenda said...

Happy birthday girl! May you be as pretty and cute as ever. Plus...may POCO be famous to the whole nation one day on its uniqueness :)!/photo.php?pid=5057126&id=708947577

Fong said...

Thanks for adding me on FB yeah. ;)

Can't wait for my turn to customise my stuff. Will visit Poco again when my friends are back!

Happy birthday in advance! ;DDD

ice-ayrez said...

mer mer~

생일 축하합니다!

here is my link:

must remember to enjoy on the day itself o!


Lik Chuen said...

i love the design of the bag and the fuschia pink passport holder. excellent pieces! :)

anyways, Happy Birthday Mer! may you be as quirky and cheerful as your handmade items and let sunshine and rainbow carry your worries away. have an awesome month! cheers~

FB link:!/photo.php?pid=3609256&id=636733299


ling @ lengmuizai said...

哈比buffday mer mer =D

i want the beg~
i want the beg~
lastime 走宝 ler...hope tis time will get it lar =P

here de link:

* i add ur fb liao~ hope u accept me ya =D

TBM Designs said...

Happyy Birthday Mer Mer!!

I love your bags!!! :D

~shu~ said...

pls accept my friend request.....

呢喃瓶子 said...

happy birthday mer?
wishing u a very happy n wonderful birthday...
i love every bag u produced :)
u r a lovely handmaker :)

my facebook link

well, in the other hand, i cant find the booklet in Poco :(
sad case~

mscreation101 said...

Happy Birthday mer mer! I love March too! My birthday is on Mar. 27th. Still loving my triangle bag! Wishing you many happy returns!

~shu~ said...

happy buffday mer?...
i had tag u in facebook la...
hope can get tat bag....
i was so admire wif ur it...
this is the link...pls check!/photo.php?pid=4151429&id=586916745

・†‡☆ 【cAmMy】 ☆‡†・ said...

Happy Birthday

this is my first Birthday blog post dedicated to Mer Mer

wish u all the best!!

Patty's Cottage said...

just went poco had meal, drink and dessert, awesome:) but too bad the birthday booklet is not there, so i wrote on paper n asked qiqi passed to u for step 4:)

once again..mer mer happy birthday.stay happiness n healthy alway!!!

my fb link..forgot to put in previous comment:

yeahh..i completed 4 d..i really love the bag after i saw it..really lovely..hope i got luck this time:)

mer mer said...

Dear all,

Please make sure you have follow my blog ya~! Thank you~~! ^^

dOlpHin said...

happy happy birthday in advance~ ^^
like the bag so much n gonna try my luck again lo~ ^^

~shu~ said...

wah....ur big day is my big day too....
bt nt my birthday,is my exhibition opening day~~~
wish u all the best and so do i....hahahaha

蓝天 said...

生日快乐,mer mer

ShuWeN Yap said...

Happy Birthday mer mer~ :)
The map for Poco Homemade posted in ur blog named cheese cake, is more detail leh! should publish this one in fb! hehe

my fb:

michikoreizei said...

hello mermer~~
I'm here to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY~

i'm really admire you and love ur creations~ always get inspired from ur lovely blog..^^ hope can meet you in person oneday... maybe at poco? haha=)

wish you all the best and always having the guts to chase ur dreams~
happy birthday ya~~

here's my facebook link:!/photo.php?pid=3672137&id=647254542&fbid=373572714542

and my e-mail:

thanks ya~
have a nice day^^

Marika Mush said...

Happy Birthday to You ♪
Happy Birthday to You ♪
Happy Birthday to MERRRR♪♪
Happy Birthday to You♪

Wish you all the dreams come true =)

I tag you d, hope I'm the best luck one XD

Mellisa Ng said...

Happy Birthday Mer Mer~~~~ May you have the best birthday EVER!! ^___^

I've done all the 3 steps.

Here's the facebook link -

毛毛。蟹 said...

Wah... smart ah... I bet this year would be the year where you get the MOST birthday wishes. :)

Wanna wish you a happy birthday and many more inspirations for wonderful designs to come!

aa said...

Dear Mer Mer, wishing you a Triple Happy Happy Birthday, may all you wishes come true. XD!/photo.php?pid=4827617&id=682481702

sweetiegem <3 said...

omg!mer..i did it wrongly..gonna redo it..HAPPY BIRTHDAY mer mer!!!!hurry add me in tat i can tag u!

~shu~ said...

happy birthday....2day is ur big day....enjoy it...^^
wish u all the best

yishin said...


誕辰日大快樂,願妳美麗福慧雙修 8D


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