Monday, March 15, 2010

Simple Tote

Another sweet weekend of mine. 14 March is a very important day for me. It is the day which I have a big change in my life. After that, I have what I have now. It is the sweetest day of mine... .

Ok, let's back to this bag. A simple tote with artificial leather handle. Leather always goes well with linen fabric. A surprisingly match of purple polka dots pattern inside to make it more feminine in looking.
What is sweet about this bag is, the boy design this doll for his girl. I am not sure will she love this bag. Let's pray for him to success in winning her heart. ^^ More pictures of it by tomorrow. It is just hard for me to leave my bed too early on Monday morning.
My new baby is going to reach soon. A pretty leather sewing machine. Stay tune for my leather work from now! What a sweet weekend of mine. ^^


Agnes Sim said... nice le! i like the bag! ;-)

maslight said...

Simple and cute ;)

mer mer said...

Thanks, Agnes and maslight! ^^

tris1978ton said...

It looks simple and nice. Cute button too.

Marika Mush said...

leather sewing machine!!!!!!!!!! i want it XDDDD so good =)

mer mer said...

Thanks, tris1978ton!

haha, actually is an industrial sewing machine which can handle tougher work. ^^