Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cellphone Holders for Poco

Poco Homemade loading 22%...Waiter / waitress wanted! We are located at Bangsar now! ^^ For those who interested to join Poco, kindly email poco.homemade@gmail.com. Thank you~!

Some cellphone holders I prepare for my handmade corner at Poco. Hope it won't be sold out before Poco's opening. -_-lll More Poco news and handmade creations coming~! A small promo here, my daily job is game artist and my last project will be release soon! ^^


Lijun aka June said...

HAYY! ada saya punya tak? cellphone holder..

yutian said...

looking forward for da POCO reopen!! =D

nann nann said...


mer mer said...

Lijun: your one is the brown flip + christmas tree pattern fabric :)

Yutian & nann nann: Thanks! ^^