Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cellphone holders

Measurement: 13cm X 8cm
Price: RM25 each

Item no:
S 100521208 (Brown + Purple polka dots) Sold
S 100521209 (Blue polka dots + Flower) Sold
S 100521210 (Purple polka dots + Sheep) Sold
S 100521211 (Grey + Black polka dots) Reserved
S 100521212 (Purple Polka dots + Cherry) Sold
S 100521213 (Grey + Green polka dots) Sold


PeyShan said...

Halo mer mer, please reserve
S 100521210 (Purple polka dots + Sheep) for me, tq! :)

Mia ♥ said...
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双下巴 said...

hey hey hey, reserve the black dot + grey cover one for me. need you to post to me liao...