Monday, May 31, 2010

Featured in China Press

30/5/2010 China Press Full Weekly

Poco Day

Poco Night

Why am I keep posting pictures of poco entrence? Hehe...because, our sign board is too small~! It will be easier for you to find us if you have an idea how is poco look like! ^^

What I am so happy is I don't need to go to the post office so often while walk in customers will purchase my handmade stuff here. I hate the long queue at post office. -_-lll

I like this place so much. Just like what he said, I live like myself.


Ciyou said...

do u have a bigger picture of the article, would like to read it

Creative B Bee said...

Hi! I couldn't find the npp on that day but I just found it on
May be "Ciyou" also can take a look there!