Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Passport Holders

These are all available at Poco now! ^^ I love this old bag a lot! It looks so nice to take picture with! ^^ Can't imagine why people throw something so beautiful away~! Anyway, throw more!! I'll go and collect it! (It seems like I have a new hobby now - - collect rubbish)

Item no.
S 100516200 (Charry + Dark brown) Sold at poco
S 100516201 (Sheep + Green polka dots)
S 100516202 (Flower + Green polka dots) Sold at poco
S 100516203 (Soldier + Dark brown) Sold at poco
S 100516204 (Animals + Blue polka dots) Sold at poco
S 100516205 (Yellow flower + Blue polka dots)
S 100516206 (Black polka dots + Grey)

Price: RM55 each

Next coming...a lot of cellphone holders! ^^


Faezah Ismail said...

lovely! where did you find the classy leather bag???

蓝天 said...

i like the sheep+green polka so much...great job^^

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just bought the cherry brown one at your cafe today! :) It's lovely....

mer mer said...

Hehe, I brought it from 2nd hand shop. Nice right?!

Thanks girl! I like this matching too!

Thank you~! I know that will be sold very fast...the fabric is very nice! ^^

Patty's Cottage said...

very nice new work:)sorry been busy and unwell.will visit u soon once i well recover from illness:)
can't wait to grab it soon..if the previous one meet good owner let it be, i will choose new one.see u soon.and good biz and life ya:)