Monday, May 10, 2010

poco 2.0 OPENING

Dear all,
My baby poco's opening is tomorrow!

I will have a bigger work place to sew and paint now.
More sewing workshop are coming soon.
Everyone are welcome to join or suggest what you would like to learn from me.

I will be full time at poco now!
Which means, I will have more time to sew and paint~!

Yesterday night,
when we just finish painting poco's wall,
I just fall in love with poco so much until I am not willing to go home,
althougt it is 1 am at the midnight.

I can't really tell how is my feeling.
We were hugging each other, looking at our poco
and spoke nothing.
(We are just too tired after painting wall for whole day la!^^)

I love you, and poco.
Very much.


PeyShan said...

Poco 2.0 so so pretty! C u tomolo ya! ^_^

Creative B Bee said...

Hey! Don't just mention, please share some INSIDE photos!!!^_^

Vivien said...

Wow, Poco 2.0 looks great. ^^ Looking forward to seeing your future products!

Ru Hui said...

Hi mermer! That feeling must be incredible! Can't wait to visit Poco!

空瓶子 said...

can feel your heart was throbbing with expectation...
looking forward to see the opening of Poco 2.0 ^_^

summerarctic said...

hey hey.. congratulations!! the week i wanted to visit poco, i saw ur post saying it's close.. now i can finally visit! yeah! =)

Stone said...

It's really very sweet to share such great place with your loved one. :)

All the best for business and everything to both of you XD


阿翔 said...


Anonymous said...

wish to attend ur workshop...hehe


The Kidz Wonderland said...

I would like to attend your sewing workshop. Please send me details of the workshop if you have any.



Wing said...

Can't wait to go Poco~~~~
Wish to attend your workshop. XD


Eve said...

wow! good luck on Poco 2.0!!! hope you enjoy crafting as always! :)