Wednesday, December 1, 2010


First, a very big mistake of mine. I sold the bag (arrow pointed) before I get myself free to take a picture of it. I thought I did, but I don't in fact. So I have to wait she visit poco again, with the bag.

Anyway, below is what I did for this past 3 months:

The one in purple polka dots and blue was sold.

All cellphone holders were sold.

Cheque book and card holder / pouch.

This was sold too.

Before and after I refine this old sewing machine. I kinda like painting, I guess.

Apple Crumble Cheese cake. ZZZ's birthday cake.

Mini Tiramisu.

Hazelnut Cake, rich but light.
Rum Mascarpone. This is super delicious XD-- -

That's all for now. Enjoy!


MisS dIMPLe said...

dear! finally you have updated ur blog! can i buy the holder with Russian doll's cover? :P

POCO Homemade said...

Ops..sorry for being lazy~The Russian doll's cover is reserved. The other 3 is still available :) said...

the cellphone holder, number 3 from left I BOUGHT! hahaha. my friend loves it so damn much. and ya! i still haven't get the cellphone holder i used to be win from your giveaway contest. > <
wait to pay visit,AGAIN!

Juz Call Me Sharz said...

i Love the sewing machine makeover.. =)

MinMin said...

hi ther,erm,can i noe whether the custom make for cellphone sleeves is stil available?how much isit?thx

oliviayuyu said...

hey is that rough bag still available?
i love it!! is the style i had been looking for!
email me