Saturday, January 17, 2009


小电话包是包括在这中型包包的!它有个铁纽扣以方便拆开和固定在你不同的包包里!或许相片看不太清楚,白色的部分是米白的 canvas 布来的。
This bag is come together with a removable cellphone holder. There is a button at the handler of the cellphone holder so that you can move it to other bag of yours! May be the pictures is not so clear that the white color part is actually made of canvas with some texture on it. Enjoy!

-(Sold)- \(^O^)/
Item no. S 090116033
Price: RM95
Bag size: 30cm X 38cm X 8cm
Cellphone holder size: 14cm X 7cm X 2cm

ps: Thanks photographer - Liang Wei

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