Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Old School 学院格文包!

这是早前的新闻工作者要的第二个包包。原本她很想要买我之前做的S 081215019,可是我不忍割爱,惟有再做个类似的给她。我给包包作了圆的角落,也在旁边加了四合扣以便包包看起来不会过于休闲,更适合上班。也给它添了个像徽章的纽扣,增加一点个人风格。整体感觉较为女性化了一些。当然,还配上了一个小提袋以方便取手提电话或钥匙。

This is the second bag i make for the same person who bought S 081229024 earlier. She likes S 081215019 a lot but i am not willing to sell it. Thus, i make something similiar for her. I made rounded corner for the bag and added metal buttons at both side of the bag so that it looks more formal and more suitable to bring to work. The appearance of the badge looking button added some style for the bag. A small pouch for cellphone was added as usual.

-(Sold)- \(^O^)/
item no. S 090119034
Price: RM105
Bag size: 33cm X 37cm X 8cm
Cellphone holder size: 12cm X 6cm X 2cm

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