Wednesday, January 21, 2009


You can hardly see something which look feminize like this among all my work. I like the bag...-_-lll (again...) So whoever wish to buy this bag, please do move fast and bring it home before i change my mind!

-(Sold)- \(^O^)/
Item no. S 090121035
Price: RM105
Bag size: 33cm X 37cm X 8cm
Cellphone holder size: 12cm X 6cm X 2cm



caca said...

yo .. another nice bag .. T.T
mer mer ar .. can give installment? XD

ice said...

this one reserved...the person very fast, once i post, then she reserved it...-_-lll

Anonymous said...

will you do anything like this piece anymore? its a real nice piece. would love to buy one.

ice said...

I can make one, using the same flower fabric, but it won't be the same like this bag you see. Trust me, you will still love it!, email me we will talk about it! Thanks!