Thursday, May 28, 2009

about mer?




I have gone through all my works in this past 8 months while I arrange all the pictures in my computer. I'm glad to see my improvement while I'm disapointed too when I found out there are works which are not what I like to do. All the way I keep emphasize on this is no a business but a hobby and game. That is why I don't want to commercialize my blog even I know it could be more convenient for buyer to get to know the purchase method. Since this is my hobby, I think it should be run by my own will.

Thus, I decide to stop the customized order section so that I can concentrate on sewing bags that I like. For customized orders that I haven't done yet, I'll continue with it and I'll still keep update my new item. Those who likes my work can still make a purchase on it. As for those who wish to make a customized order, you can still send me an email but no promise that I will make it for you.

Sorry for the inconvenient. I just want to keep my sewing game fun. Please do support me. Thank you. :)


Faezah said...

bags of joy!!! very, very nice.

ice said...

thanks for support! :)

Creative B Bee said...

Wow! Cool!!!

ice said...

er...-_-lll TQ..:)

edumande said...

I think when comes to customized, you should just charge way more expensive. While, people should buy the work that you created and not trying to have their own idea on how they would like it better.

We don't tell Picasso how to paint or ask him to custom paint for us right?

Damn those people.

Your stuff is great as it is. Keep it fun.

ice said...

TQ~~!!!! TwTv I'll add oil until i fat ge la~!! XD

Anonymous said...

LOL to be able to do thing that we like most is the best.
and for me, it's fun to see things that you came up with xD when you're doing things that you love with 'I have to or force' feeling, it may kills the joy and that awful D8
so, just have fun >w<)b

ice said...

Thanks bluecakes! I've been thinking about this all the time...:)

job said...