Friday, May 29, 2009

mer? Giveaway Game!!

Old School checked in blue for giveaway! (Open for bloggers in Malaysia only)

Item no. S 090052969
Price worth: RM115
Size: 24cm X 47cm X 8cm

Game rules:
Post ONLY 1 comment in this post and answer the questions below:
(a) Which of my creation is your favorite item? (tell the item number of it)
(b) Write a post about this Giveaway Game in your blog and link back to my blog.
(c) Email me at when you have done both (a) and (b) at above with your name and contact number.

Result will be announce at 12th June 2009. Good luck and enjoy~! :)

ps: I don't reply (or even check) my email during weekend. Be patient and I'll reply every single email from you after the weekend!


caca said...

I love this!!! I like square!! heheee.. This is a very nice bag. Hmmm.. the bag that i like most (except this.. hehe) will be S090222041 being lady. I like the bag is because i like flower. Flowers bring happiness & look very sweet. Square brings memories :) I really like this bag, wish I'm the lucky winner. Cheers~ ^^

Anonymous said...

eeee sun~~ i like S 090430054 cus i like strip strip and checked clothes~ and the most is got old school feel. hahaha. thanks!

ice said...

Hi dear up there, don't forget to email me your name and contact :)

Kacy Lam said...

This is definitely my favourite!!
S 090130037!! ^^ The fabric prints are so cute, and the shape and size!!
It's simple enough yet cute!! Too bad it's not for sale~ >.<
If not, i can let my little bunny carry the bag for me too~ XD

ice said...

you still have chance to win it for free! thus don't forget to send me your name and contact via email! :) Good luck!

ps. said...

It's a really difficult to answer which creation would be my favorite item because they're all uberly cute-some but I suppose Item no. S 090330046 would be my favorite! Teehee, not only cause its sinfully cute with its old-school, checkered design but both sides has different designs which means the bag is just like me (kekeke), we have dual personalities! So yeah, so totally ME and so totally cute which is why it's my favourite. :D

ahkit said...

钢琴design 果只, 编号:唔记得,番查旧post都揾唔到添


*櫻桃冰子* Cherry said...

hi mer~
i like the code no S 080920002
it looks just like a cute striped shirt + the kiddy jeans
my type XD

thanks for making this event^^

Anonymous said...

My favourite has to be S 090504055. Super cute. I love everything about it -- the fabric (check out the little green bird against the black & white!) and the shape. It's definitely calling my name....

luv-lee said...

hey mer! :) it's great to know that you're having a giveaway! *excited* and the Old School blue checked bag is really cute!

anyway,one of the creations that i liked best by you is Item no. S 090423051 because the design is simple and sweet. and simplicity and originality is always the best! :)

*anticipating more of your creation*

Puteh said...

I'm so excited with this game!
Definitely my favourite is!!!!
~S 090111031~
This tiny tote bag is great being shopping bags for guys & girls. These bag is real cool, and definitely extraordinary.I hope i can have it one day.~

zhi ling~ said...

huhu.... briliant you to have come out with this game!!! =)
ur creations are always awesome! not due only to ur fantastic choices of fabrics but ur ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY~ they are like carrying ur every single effort and passions. every bag has their own characters.

indeed, it's hard to choose one, but i love this most ~S_090207038
not to mention about the perfect combination of fabrics, but i can really FEEL them. For him and for her, they are sweet and lovely~

mermer supporters wish mermer the best and hope that every mermer fans get to share mermer's creation~


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

I would choose code no S 080920002 for my sister as she like it~ :)

Hope to get something for her birthday XD

Ciyou said...

i like S 090116033. you definately make beautiful bags.
I have link your giveaway at my blog

Ms.Aya said...

Dear Mer-san,

I would choose S 090121035 as my favorite, which is already sold out. (Laughs)

The pattern is feminine and it suits just about any dress because the colors are light. Though the colors are light and it can get dirty in no time, I think it can be washed off easily since it's made of cloth and not canvas or leather. Also, because it comes with a matching handphone pouch~♥

kim-chan said...

Hello ^^

I love the item S 081225023 (blue colour) the most, maybe I love the cellphone pouch at lot that is why I choosed it? ^^ hehehe

Actually now is the first time I visit your site ^^ Wow, your site is awesome and I love the stuffs you are selling. The price are reasonable and of course, the designs are lovely =D

disfunctional.hiatus said...

To choose only one is hard for me, because so many of your creations are unique and creative. Well.. this is gonna be hard. >.<

Let's see here.. the only bag that caught my eye was the first bag you made, the one that is for yourself! (Item number S 090218040) Ahahahaha no matter! It's adorable and spiffy at the same time, not to mention that it makes me smile when I saw the patterns! It's a sunshine bag! No wonder you won't sell it. ;D

G'bye then~♪

via said...

wanna join this great giveaway...well i love this kind of choice are S 090419049
i really love the style, the combination of the color and the size also big enough for me ( because i bring a lot of stuff everywhere)

(winks)...wish that i am lucky enough to win

wawa said...

hello , join this contest .

i just love checked materials , my previous handbag also from checked materials !! for me checked is rockk !! haha .

if i get to choose one of your creation , it would be
S 090330046 .
well checked again , haha .

dMasyri said...

hi dear..
i'm so in love with S090130037..
but it's not for sell..=(

please count me in..

Anonymous said...

hey..i love dis one..S 081218021..its simple and attractive.

Louanne said...

so many cute bags!! choosing one is sure hard.. >.<

*thinking thinking*

if i really have to choose i'd say i like S 090517064 a.k.a. Pretty lady the most!

the print is so sweet and demure which shows the feminine side while the shape of the bag is more sporty and stylish..

mamawafiq said...

hey mer! :) it's great to know that you're having a giveaway! **excited** and the Old School blue checked bag is really cute!

anyway,one of the creations that i love the MOST by you is
(S 090602071)because the design is so cute and colourful mix :)

p/s : it`s sooo cute if i`m bringing this bag to have fun outside..Peace!! Wish that i`m the lucky winner..Thank to you Mer!1

Faezah Ismail said...

I love all your creations, I really do. But if I have to choose, then I would pick item number S090301042. I like the simplicity of the design and the tasteful use of grey, white and stripes. Well done!

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