Friday, July 31, 2009

Bleat bleat bleat!!

mer? has a lot to bleat for today...Ready...Go!

First, mer?'s on I.M. Magazine August Issue~!
It's a free magazine and I think you can get a copy at starbucks or other places. Of cause I'll be very happy if you keep one copy of it but don't come and tell me that you've got the magazine because I'll feel shy if you do so. It happened when my last featured in
NST and Mint Magazine. :) Thus, keep it quietly ya...XD Thanks for all your support here! I do know it, and I do appreciate it, a lot.

Thanks Gwen!

Second, my bag model is featuring at Fashion Republik!
I'm glad that not only my handmade creation but the merit is given to my my art and illustration too. Thanks Fashion Republik for doing this!

Third, I've got my jar from Sing Yee!
It's a swap game we play earlier and I am so exciting for it! Thanks Sing Yee!

What a busy Friday... :)


Creative B Bee said...

Big Congrats girl!!!

ice said...

Thanks Bee~I haven't get the magazine yet...XD not sure what they write inside...:)

Agnes Sim said... fast oh! the jar stil at me le..not yet post it. n belum penuh pun. heheeee

ice said...

me too...I still finding jar leh...XD but know what to put liao la...XD just...she put so full for me...I so stress mine not full enough...hahahhahaa