Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Winner of Birthday Giveaway Contest

Thanks for all your comments. Let's see who are they:

1. bica-bica

2. hoyoyi

3. Agnes Sim

4. sweetiegem

5. Eunice Aw

6. :*:~BlurIŋDŷ~:*:
7. Patty's Cottage
8. remsal
9. yiwawa

10. Kathlyn
11. khai.handmade

12. TBM Designs
13. eileen Phoan

14. Soo Mei

15. Brenda

16. Fong

17. ice-ayrez
18. Lik Chuen

19. ling @ lengmuizai
20. ~shu~

21. 呢喃瓶子

22. mscreation101

Blogger ・†‡☆ 【cAmMy】 ☆‡†・
24. dOlpHin
25. 蓝天
26. ShuWeN Yap

27. michikoreizei

28. Marika Mush

29. Mellisa Ng
30. 毛毛。蟹

31. aa

32. yishin

And the lucky number is:

So, the winner is Soo Mei! ^^ Congrats and thanks for all people who join this game~! ^^

As for the passport holder, Patty is the only one who make it to poco~! Thus, It's yours now~! ^^ (Easy job, right?!)

Here is something interesting. I receive a drawing from shatomi eng. I don't really understand Japanese, but I guess it's should be birthday greeting. Thanks girl! Love it so much!^^v


hoyoyi said...


sweetiegem <3 said...

gratz on soo mei!try again nextime..T_T

ling @ lengmuizai said...

=( aiya~~~

remsal said...

T.T well, needa try again next time... that Japanese is indeed Happy Birthday...

Brenda said...

AIYAH!!! One number less *sob*sob*

Soo Mei said...

OMG...really!!!! Am I dreaming??!!! I still can't believe it !!!

mer mer said...

haha...ya..dreaming..when you wake up then the bag bag will be beside you liao XD

:*:~BlurIŋDŷ~:*: said...

gratz ^^

Vivi said...

:] Congratulations!

Patty's Cottage said...

yeah..so happy:) i will collect it asap..wil gtalk u for the time ya:)thank u dear:)

aa(Wing) said...

Congratulation Soo Mei~ Lucky u~~ XD

Soo Mei said...

Thank you so much Mer Mer...you are so generous...muakkkkk.....

Soo Mei said...

And thanks for all the blessing and wishes from all the participants~ >,<