Monday, March 29, 2010

Pameran Poskad 2010

Hello~! I am back! After missing for 2 weeks.

I am taking part in Pameran Poskad 2010 Exhibition which is a group exhibition at Singapore with zzz. These are my artworks. Wednesday is the deadline and we haven't post it to Singapore yet...hahahahaa. I try to use menual print on fabric and the result turn out pretty nice. Natural printing texture and effect. Enjoy~!

10 of my art works

Back of each of my works.

Click here for all pictures of my art works.

Hope you love my art too! ^^

Another happy thing which happened at the weekend. I sold half of my ToFu cake in one day and another half of it is reserved! Thanks for support my cake also! ^^v


Patty's Cottage said...

nice postcard..wish to have one too!!!ya..i tried the tofu cake very nice:)

maslight said...

Those are really nice ;)

mer mer said...

Thanks Patty! ^^v

maslight: Thank you! :)

蓝天 said...

i love the postcard, is nice...