Monday, April 12, 2010

Simple Tote

Hi! I am back with this simple tote, after missing for so long. Some quick updates here:

I think most of you should heard that my cafe - Poco has temporarily closed until further notice. I am sorry for the late inform here. Actually I do announce it at Poco blog at 1st April. I guess because of the date I made the announcement, some people thought it is a joke. I am just too busy with contract and lawyers. Can't imagine we can go through all that.

Last, I have resigned. Looking forward for more interesting life at Poco.

Item no. S 100411189
Measurement: Medium Tote
Price: RM85 / USD26


MisS dIMPLe said...

Nice bag^^

Suyen said...

so sweeet!!

Patty's Cottage said...

nice tote bag:)love it.
glad that u back!!!yeah..looking forward poco relaunch and u will be alright!